If this article has opened your eyes a little to the money-making possibilities in this business, you’ll definitely love the next part! I started this business working entirely from home, gaining customers not only from my website but also from spreading the word among the people in my town. Anybody with common sense and ambition can do the same, replicating the system I used to become successful. It required very little technical skill.core media san antonio

Once you have all your basic equipment set up and you’ve learned how to use it (this should take no longer than a couple of hours), you can begin advertising your services. I got my first local customers by writing a short letter to introduce my business and hand delivering it to as many business owners as I could find in the town centre. Delivering the letters by hand gave me the opportunity to speak to people in person, so they were more likely to remember me than just a letter. I visited bakeries, garages, boutiques, bars, beauty salons, web designers, accountants and many other types of business. Many of them weren’t interested, or they already had a supplier they were happy with, but some placed an order right there and then. I kept re-investing my profits into the business, getting flyers printed and buying better equipment. The more word got around that there was a new t-shirt printing guy in town, the more business I attracted. Young people with awesome design talents would come to me to get their artwork printed onto t-shirts and hoodies which they would then sell to clothing stores. Sports teams, charities, event organisers, churches and clubs would come to me for whatever t-shirt printing they needed doing.

I believe anybody with a basic understanding of how to use computer software and an ability to communicate (i.e talk to people) effectively can be successful in this business. My design skills aren’t great. Most customers only want text or their own artwork printed, so my lack of artistic talents has never held me back.core media world

If you think you could do the same (or even better), then let me show you all the tips and tricks of becoming successful in the t-shirt printing business. You don’t need loads of money or a big warehouse full of stock. You can either do it from home or rent a small shop in your neighbourhood. As long as you spread the word and do a good job, you’ll keep getting customers and making money.